10 Tips For ‘Greening’ Restaurants

Bethesda Green is launching a program to survey and educate Bethesda’s roughly 200 restaurateurs about “greening” moves including installing LED lighting and switching to sustainable packaging for leftovers.

According to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency, about 80 percent of energy use in restaurants goes to waste because of inefficient kitchen appliances, lighting, HVAC systems and bathroom appliances. The environmental nonprofit hopes to connect some Bethesda restaurants with Pepco rebates for switching to LED light bulbs and provide guidance with other tips:

1. Separate and compost all food waste.

2. Recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum, and place ins in easily accessed locations.

3. Reduce energy usage through regular equipment maintenance, the reduction of appliance idling time and by switching to LED lighting.

4. Make the switch to sustainable packaging for leftovers and take-out orders.

5. Buy local! There are numerous farms all around the DC area, and fresher produce tastes better on the plate.

6. Reduce your water usage and your bill!

7. Give back, contact food banks and leftovers to those less fortunate.

8. Practice waste reduction across the board — write specials on a chalkboard, buy beverages in bulk, use refillable condiment containers.

9. Convert your used oil to biofuel.

10. Be green and clean — buy multipurpose supplies made with natural materials.

Video via Comcast Newsmakers

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