The best cellphone chargers on the market

Nifty charging devices for your cellphone

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 6:53 pm

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WASHINGTON – Looking for smart, affordable cellphone charging? WTOP’s Tech Guy Gregg Stebben has gathered a list of the best on the market:

  • Magnetyze shares the same dock for Android Galaxy SIII and iPhone 4 and 4S. Prices range from $19-$99. Learn more here
  • Mophie for Android Galaxy SIII, HTC One and iPhone 4, 4S, 5 has a second battery built in the phone case. Prices start at $79. Learn more here
  • Switch from Native Union is a bluetooth speaker, bluetooth speakerphone and a cellphone charger. Price is $149. Learn more here
  • PowerTrip is a solar-powered phone charger that is also a thumb drive. Prices start at $99. Learn more here

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