Suspended 8-year-old gets free lifetime NRA membership

WASHINGTON – The Anne Arundel County boy who was suspended for eating a pastry into the shape of a gun was given a lifelong NRA membership on Wednesday.

The Baltimore Sun reports the 8-year- old was met with a standing ovation at a Republican fundraiser and was presented the $550 membership “during a tongue-in-cheek presentation that involved a Pop-Tart fashioned into a pistol.”

The second-grader was suspended in March for two days after the incident. His family tried to get the incident removed from his record, and school officials said they would change the reason for his suspension to “general disruption,” but would not remove the punishment from his record.

The boy’s family plans to appeal the school system’s decision.

On Wednesday, the boy told The Baltimore Sun he didn’t know what the NRA was and didn’t know what the membership meant.

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