Suspected Pepco imposter sparks concerns in Chevy Chase

WASHINGTON – Neighbors in Chevy Chase were alerted this week about a possible Pepco imposter. But the man seeking entry into a home early Monday morning was the right guy at the wrong place.

An alarm sounded through the Chevy Chase Community list-serv that a man saying he was from Pepco asked to enter a home, the woman refused and the man went on his way.

Pepco investigated. It turns out he was a new Pepco employee who was at the wrong house. He was supposed to be at a house a few doors away.

But the incident serves as a reminder that it’s always better to be safe than sorry when a stranger is at the doorstep.

Pepco spokesman Mark Beal says except for an emergency, Pepco always alerts homeowners when a representative is coming.

“Anytime we have to actually enter a customer’s home an appointment has to be made. If there’s an emergency situation that may change,” Beal says.

If homeowners ever have any questions about whether someone from Pepco should be doing work in or near their homes they should call Pepco’s customer care line at 202-833-7500.

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