Photos: Taste of Arlington 2013

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Thousands flocked to Ballston Sunday afternoon for the 26th annual Taste of Arlington festival.

Lines to sample food at the more than 40 restaurant booths seemed generally shorter than in years past. Whether that was due to the cloudy weather and the closure of the Ballston Metro station keeping people away, or the Ballston Business Improvement District’s effort to expand the footprint of the event in order to spread out the crowds, is unclear.

(As of publication time no attendance figures have been released.)

The most tightly-packed crowds could be found in the beer and wine garden, where the over-21 set sampled various brews, ciders and wines. Other event attractions included live bandsvirtual statues and activity areas for dogs and children.

Three awards were handed out to participating restaurants. Rustico (4075 Wilson Blvd) won for best appetizer, Willow (4301 Fairfax Drive) won for best entree, and Mac’s Donuts, a food cart, won for best dessert.

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