Motorcycle safety group growing across U.S.

CHANTILLY, Va. – There have been four fatal motorcycle crashes in Virginia and Maryland during the last week in April and the first week of May.

It is a reminder of how dangerous the vehicles can be either in bad weather or if not properly operated.

May ironically, is motorcycle safety awareness month. And that is why a group that was imported from Europe a few years ago is promoting a new safety program.

It is called “Rider Alert” and it has about 250,000 members in the United States so far.

The group’s website promotes rider safety, but Rider Alert also provides members with a card that can be placed inside their helmet.

“It contains very key information about the rider, their next of kin, their medical condition to enable EMS if a rider can’t communicate because they’ve been knocked off,” says Rob Lawrence, from the Richmond-based chapter of Rider Alert.

There’s also a decal to go on the outside of the helmet to let EMS know the card is inside.

Lawrence says it also says “do not remove helmet,” warning people that removing it, unless you are medical personnel, could lead to further injury.

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