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Don’t break the bank: How to save money on college

WASHINGTON – Paying for college is getting more expensive year by year.

Nationally, students are facing $1 trillion in loans, say U.S. News & World Report and MSN Money.

But with a little bit of help, families can cut back on rising costs. Check out these tips from MSN:

  • Hunt for rebates and scholarships, and don’t let a university’s sticker price deter you or your child from applying.
  • Live off campus and save on rent.
  • As American college costs soar, consider taking a year abroad and enjoying cheaper tuition in other areas of the world.
  • Don’t assume you won’t qualify for financial aid because of high income.
  • Double-check all the information entered on financial aid forms. Mistakes could cost you.
  • Work during college, but make sure to leave enough time for academics and other things.

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