D.C. bike thefts rise during warm weather

WASHINGTON – The current heat wave is ushering in true summer weather, and rising temperatures mean more crooks are out on the street searching for an easy payday.

“This city is particularly bad with bike theft,” says Wayne Lerch, owner of The Bike Rack in D.C.

He notes thieves increase their criminal activity during the summer months.

“You have to be vigilant to make sure you lock your bike up better than the one sitting next to it,” he explains.

According to Lerch, riders should invest in a U Lock, heavy duty chain or anything containing hardened steel.

Riders are urged to lock up their bikes, their wheels and their seats if they’re equipped with a quick release.

Bikes serve as easy targets when they are secured with a cable or inexpensive chain with a pad lock, Lerch says.

“They will always go after the easiest bike it is for them to get.”

According to D.C. police, about 1,800 bikes were stolen in the District in each of the past two years.

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