Accident in Arlington injures 5, causes sewage spill

WASHINGTON – A crash involving a sewage truck led to a spill and an advisory about water quality in Arlington County.

The truck collided with a car Sunday morning on Route 50 near Fillmore Street.

Five passengers from the car were taken to local hospitals for their injuries. Hundreds of gallons of waste poured from the truck.

“The truck, which carried human sewage, broke a pipe, and all the contents spilled into the storm drain system,” says Dan Fitch, a spokesman for the Arlington County Fire Department.

“The capacity of the truck was 1,800 gallons — all of which had leaked from the truck,” he says.

A hazardous materials team and the Arlington County Department of Environmental Services worked to keep the sewage from local water ways.

The advice to people who live in the area is to avoid going in the waters of Four Mile Run.

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