Ways to ease your allergy symptoms

WASHINGTON – Chances are you or someone you know is suffering from the “sneezies” – constant sneezing. It’s the tell-tale sign that allergy season is here.

Some easy lifestyle changes can help reduce your exposure to pollen.

Here are some tips to ease the suffering:

  • Now is a good time to start taking allergy medications if you’re usually a sufferer, Health.com reports.
  • Clean the filters on your air conditioning units. Pollen on the filters means pollen can make its way into your house.
  • Even though you love your pets, don’t let them in the bedroom with you, especially if they’ve been outside. Their fur is a magnet for pollen.
  • Park your shoes at the door. They too carry pollen from the outside, inside.
  • Eat yogurt and salmon. Research from Institute of Food Research in the U.K. indicates folks who ate yogurt with the probiotic Lactobacillus casei had lower levels of an antibody that produces allergy symptoms. In a separate study, people who ate foods, such as salmon that have an omega-3 fatty acid called EPA in them, had a lower risk of developing hay fever, Health.com reports.
  • Shower when you get ready to go to bed. That will remove any serious pollen from your hair that will ultimately wind up inside your sinuses.
  • If you have to take a 24-hour allergy medicine, take it at night. It will make you drowsy and that will help you to sleep better.

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