Report: Metro’s new Silver Line may hinder commutes

A new report says Metro\'s new Silver Line will create longer wait times and more crowded trains. (Courtesy Dulles Rail Project)

Nick Iannelli,

ARLINGTON, Va. – Metro riders will have to take the bad with the good.

A new report from the agency shows the system’s upcoming Silver Line will force tens of thousands of people to wait longer, in larger crowds.

According to the report, obtained by The Washington Examiner, more than 80,000 trips will require longer waits.

The new line will take up space in the Rosslyn tunnel, which also carries Orange and Blue trains.

Even during rush hour, riders on the Blue Line will have to wait 12 minutes for the next rail car.

Still, Metro stresses the Silver Line will help nearly 400,000 people, benefiting riders by about a 5-to-1-margin.

A survey shows 64 percent of all riders say they will use it.

Metro’s board of directors will review the report on Thursday.

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