Police: Seatbelt Enforcement Nets 206 Violators

Montgomery County police carEight minutes into their “NINJA On The Ramps” seatbelt enforcement program on Friday night, Montgomery County Police say they issued a seat belt violation and found drugs in the car. A few minutes later, officers made their first DUI arrest.

In all, police say they teamed up with Rockville City Police and the Gaithersburg Police Department to issue 206 tickets for not wearing seat belts, stop 568 cars and issue 131 equipment repair orders to cars traveling on and off I-270 and the Beltway.

The enforcement was announced Friday afternoon. It lasted from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. and included officials from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, who were on hand to get footage for use in a national “Click It or Ticket” ad.

The NINJA moniker comes from the program name: Nightime INJury Avoidance and police seem to have surprised a number of drivers.

Statistics released today from the enforcement include 14 DUI arrests, seven drug arrests, three warrants serviced, 33 alcohol citations, four suspended driver traffic citations and one unlicensed driver traffic citation.

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