Max Brenner Targets Mid-June Opening At Bethesda Row

Max Brenner New York, Flickr photo via wsifrancis

The Max Brenner chocolate shop slated for Bethesda Row should open in mid-June and will not feature the full brunch and dinner menu of the Israeli-shop’s restaurants in Boston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and New York City.

The Bethesda Max Brenner, taking over the former Ritz Camera space at 7263 Woodmont Ave., will focus exclusively on the chocolate products, including pastries, cakes and the chocolate pizza.

Max Brenner CEO Sam Borgese says it will be the store’s first “Chocolate Bar” location in the U.S. The chain that began in the late 90′s as a small shop selling handmade chocolates has grown to six countries and 40 similar Chocolate Bar restaurant concepts. Max Brenner is now a subsidiary of the Strauss Group, Israel’s second-largest food and beverage company.

The branding claims the chain is “creating a new chocolate culture worldwide,” with a bunch of unique chocolate-filled menu items and a Bethesda Row store the company says will provide “a holistic sensual experience — a more intimate space where you can smell, see, listen, taste and touch chocolate.”

Flickr photo by wsifrancis

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