Bethesda’s Majestic Bar & Grille Closes

The Majestic Bar & Grille closed yesterdayThe chef at the Majestic Bar & Grille (7141 Wisconsin Ave.) says the year-old restaurant is closed.

Owner Stefan Lalos bought the former Gaffney’s restaurant in December 2011, gave the place a new look and opened for business in February 2012.

His PR rep told Bethesda Magazine last year the bar hoped to attract the 30-plus demographic, but that business apparently never materialized.

Executive chef Damon Hersh posted the following message on the restaurant’s Facebook page yesterday:

As of this morning the majestic bar and grille in Bethesda is closed. Thank you to all our great guests, friends, customers, and staff. Good luck in all future endeavors. We wish great success on the next establishment that fills this space.

Thank you all

Chef Damon Hersh

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