Panda listens to Marvin Gaye in hopes he’ll ‘get it on’

This is not the attitude towards Tian Tian that zoo officials hope Yang Guang exhibits. (Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – A Scottish zoo has been cranking up Marvin Gaye for a special listener.

The Mirror reports the Edinburgh Zoo has formed its own coupling with a radio station that plays a daily song for Yang Guang — the zoo’s male panda — to help get him in the mood to mate. The song selections have included “Let’s Get It On.”

A spokeswoman for the Edinburgh Zoo says the music is “settling and soothing” for Yang Guang, who listens to the station in his “off-show” area. If he does successfully mate and impregnate female Tian Tian, their cubs would be the first born in the United Kingdom, the Mirror says.

However, the soulful sounds won’t be playing for long: Female pandas are only fertile for about two days a year.

That means Yang Guang has “Got to Give It Up” quickly.

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