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Office wins lotto, share with co-worker who didn’t opt in

In all, each employee will take home $83,000 before taxes. (Courtesy CBS News)

WASHINGTON – Employees at a Florida real estate company are sharing their lottery winnings with a colleague who didn’t participate in the pool.

When they collected the lottery pool in the office, at $20 a piece, Jennifer Maldonato didn’t have the cash.

She told CBS News money was tight, and knew she was the only person in the office not putting in for the lotto pool.

When she arrived at work the next morning, she found out her co-workers had matched five of the six winning numbers and won $1 million.

“We decided to include her and give her some of the money so she would feel all the excitement and part of the family and know how much we cared about her,” co-worker Laurie Finkelstein-Reader told CBS News.

In all, each employee will take home $83,000 before taxes.

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