Imagination Stage To Pay Tribute To Inouye

Imagination Stage will pay tribute to late Hawaiian Senator Daniel Inouye with tonight’s performance of Japanese folktale Anime Momotaro, which originated in a Honolulu theater program Inouye supported.

Roll Call reports Inouye was going to be an honorary patron of the show before his death in December.

Inouye’s wife and son are expected to attend the tribute performance, which Roll Call reported wil include a video message from Hawaiian Sen. Brian Schatz, picked to serve out Inouye’s term.

This is also the last weekend of Anime Momotaro’s run at Imagination Stage (4908 Auburn Ave.) which served as its east coast premier:

Set in ancient Japan, an elderly couple longs for a child. Their wish is granted when a huge peach floats down the river and breaks open to reveal a baby boy. As Momotaro (momo means peach; Taro is a common Japanese boy’s name) grows up to be the strongest young man in all the country, he realizes he must take a stand against his village’s one small problem: giant ogres.  Ogres have been bullying the villagers for years, and with the help of his friends – the dog Inu, the monkey Saru, and the bird Kiji – Momotaro meets his foes face-to-face. Thus, an action-packed adventure is born.

Best for ages 5-10, tickets are $12 to $25. Visit Imagination Stage’s website for more information.

Photo via Imagination Stage

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