Group accuses PETA of killing animals

WASHINGTON – PETA is killing animals, alleges the restaurant advocacy group Center for Consumer Freedom.

They say the animal rights advocacy group euthanized about 90 percent of cats and dogs placed in the care of its Virginia headquarters last year.

Since 1998, the shelter has put down 29,398 animals, the Daily Mail reports.

PETA is not taking the accusations lightly.

“(Center for Consumer Freedom) represent businesses who kill animals for greed, for money and for profit, and not humanely,” says PETA spokewoman Daphna Nachminovitch.

According to, the center’s “advisory board is comprised mainly of representatives from the restaurant, meat and alcoholic beverage industries.”

She claims euthanasia is a sometimes necessary evil for pets that cannot find a home.

“That is an act of mercy and compassion,” she says. “Some of the animals will end up in shelters – they are simply not adoptable.”

This story has been modified to include additional information about the Center for Consumer Freedom.

WTOP’s Nick Iannelli contributed to this report.Follow @WTOP on Twitter.

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