Arlington residents on alert after coyote scare

Nick Iannelli,

WASHINGTON — Some neighbors in Arlington County are on high alert, particularly those with dogs and cats.

“At first it was potentially one coyote sighting, but now it looks like it’s up to three,” says Kim Klingler, president of the Leeway Overlee Civic Association. “The paw prints that have been seen do not look like dog paw prints.”

Those who live around the area are being warned.

The civic association mailed a letter to residents saying the coyotes appear to be hunting and pets should be kept inside.

“With coyotes we get especially concerned because of domestic pets,” it read.

Residents are being told to scare coyotes off if they do come in contact with them.

The animals have now been seen in every county in Virginia.

“I’m not really surprised,” says Alice Burton, chief of Animal Control with the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

“Their environment is being taken away by people building houses, building developments.”

Arlington County just confirmed its first ever coyote sighting about one year ago.

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