Teen’s plan to walk 10 miles to interview lands a job

WASHINGTON – He said he’d be there and he kept his word.

WISH reports 18-year-old Jhaqueil Reagan was planning to walk 10 miles to interview for a cashier job. When a local business owner found out about the effort the teen was putting in, he hired him.

ABC News says Reagan had been searching for a job for six months. It wasn’t his application, but the walk that caught the attention of restaurant owner Art Bouvier.

Bouvier met Regan in the midst of his trek, when the teen stopped to ask him for directions. ABC says when Bouvier was driving about 15 minutes later, he again saw Reagan, gave him a lift to the interview and got his phone number.

After checking in later to see how the interview went, Bouvier hired Reagan for an entry-level position at his business in Indianapolis.

Support pouring in after man’s story goes viral

Since the story of the hire hit the local news in Indianapolis, Bouvier’s Facebook post about Reagan received more than 15,000 likes. A customer even gave Regan 13 one-month bus passes to use to get to work.

“Art paid it forward and I’m going to plan on doing the same,” Reagan said.

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