Some Metro employees make 150 percent of base salary in overtime hours

WASHINGTON – News Channel 7 reports some Metro employees are racking-up overtime hours and taking home yearly earnings that are much higher than their base salaries.

According to the report, one Metro bus driver took home roughly $172,000 in 2012 after earning $93,983 in overtime, alone. Additionally, a Metro station manager earned more than $94,000 in overtime, approximately 150 percent of the employee’s base pay.

Channel 7 reports that the average pay in 2012 for Metro station managers and bus and rail operators was about $67,000.

WMATA tells Channel 7 there are mandatory rest periods for all of its operators, and many overtime hours come from the need to re-build the system. For example, bus operators may work extra hours to provide shuttle service to commuters on days when stations are closed for service or have limited service due to maintenance work.

News Channel 7 received salary and overtime information for 15 WMATA employees out of roughly 4,500 transportation operators and station managers.

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