Sequestration’s impact on D.C., Md. and Va.

WASHINGTON – How will the sequester affect D.C., Maryland and Virginia?

In the White House’s state-by-state breakdown, the administration says Maryland, Virginia and D.C. together would together lose $29 million in school funding for primary and secondary education this year alone.

D.C. would lose about $533,000 in school funding, the White House says.

Maryland would lose $14 million in education funding, and 200 jobs held by teachers and teachers’ aides would be affected.

Virginia’s $14 million in education cuts would put the jobs of 190 teachers and teachers’ aides at risk, according to the administration.

Nearly 150,000 civilian Defense Department personnel in the region would be partially furloughed through the end of September. Of those, 90,000 would be in Virginia, 46,000 in Maryland and 13,000 in D.C.

Two thousand poor children in D.C., Maryland and Virginia also would lose early education, and there would be 31,000 fewer HIV tests.

Here’s how the cuts would affect each jurisdiction:

Federal News Radio goes in-depth on how every state would be affected.

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