Over-the-counter flu cures draw FDA concern

Jamie Forzato, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – As the number of influenza cases nationwide continues to dwindle, there are new concerns about over-the-counter cures.

The Food and Drug Administration recently sent out warning letters to 10 companies that advertise “generic alternatives” to the prescription medication Tamiflu.

Products like the Germ Bullet claim to prevent or fight off the flu but the FDA says those claims are not supported by scientific research. Since the drugs are unapproved for the treatment of flu, the advertising violates federal law. The FDA tells NBC News these drugs could also be contaminated.

The companies are allowed 15 days to correct the violations or could face legal trouble.

The list of companies and products under investigation include:

If you believe you have taken a counterfeit or contaminated medicine, contact your doctor immediately. You can also file a report with the FDA here.

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