Drawastickman.com: Animate your nostalgia

We've been drawing stick figures since we were kids, and today's website wants to feed your nostalgia.

Lacey Mason, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – We’ve been drawing stick figures since we were kids, and today’s website wants to feed your nostalgia.

Drawastickman.com will let you draw your own stick figure to send on an animated adventure. But the drawing doesn’t stop there: As your little man (or woman) goes through the story, you’ll need to draw its tools. From a key to a sword, the adorable adventure is completely interactive.

In the first adventure, the stickman fights a dragon. In the second, a ferocious tiger.

If you want to go a little further with the adventure, there’s also Draw a Stickman: EPIC. For this, you’ll need to download the app. The full version costs $1.99, but the free version is, well, free.

According to Draw a Stickman, the app gives you “complete creative freedom.” When I played the game, I was able to draw a stick figure friend — who was then immediately eaten by a book. When I set out on my adventure to find him, I accidently lit myself on fire a few times.

Eventually, I got the hang of it.

Check out the trailer below to see what you’re in for.

This adorable game is great for killing time, bonding while babysitting or just keeping kids entertained.

If you really fall in love with your creation, you can even have it printed on a T-shirt.

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