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Disabled piglet walks with help of toy wheelchair (VIDEO)

This little piggie can go to the market ... he just needs a little help.

WASHINGTON – This little piggie can go to the market … he just needs a little help.

Chris P. Bacon was born without being able to use his hind legs. But the Toronto Star reports not only did a Florida veterinarian save his life when the little guy was about to be sent to that big pig trough in the sky, Dr. Len Lucero also constructed a miniature wheelchair for his family’s new pet using old K’NEX pieces.

Now, Chris is working to walk while wearing the contraption, which reportedly has been made heavier to help him out a bit. A YouTube video shows him apparently still getting used to his new appendages, but getting the job done.

Eventually, the Star says Chris will grow to about 50 pounds or more, and will be able to use a larger wheelchair given to him by the group Handicapped Pets.

For the time being, the piglet seems to be growing accustomed to his new method of transportation and his new celebrity. Check out his Facebook page and Twitter account, and have a look at his videos in the gallery at right.

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