Demand for officers in schools skyrockets

Nick Iannelli,

WASHINGTON – The trend of stationing police officers inside schools is on the rise.

At least three districts in the D.C. metro area are publicly mulling an increased security force, along with school systems across the country.

Mo Canaday, executive director with the National Association of School Resource Officers, says demand is on a steep incline that is difficult to track.

“Our training schedule is more than double where it was this time last year,” Canady says. “It is moving at such a rapid pace I don’t know that there is anyone who can keep up with the national numbers right now.”

Canaday’s agency monitors the number of officers on campus nationwide and provides training.

Before the mass shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut late last year, the number hovered around 10,000.

“It has grown significantly since then” he says.

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