Berliner Urges Residents To Lobby Council On Chevy Chase Lake

County Councilman Roger Berliner (D-Bethesda-Potomac) last week told a group of residents against development plans at Chevy Chase Lake he was undecided on the building height and density issues many felt went unheard at the County Planning Board.

Berliner and the rest of the Council must give the Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan final approval, a process that includes a public hearing on March 5.

In this video from Berliner’s town hall meeting last week in Bethesda, he urges those against the Planning Board’s recommendations to let other council members know their concerns.

One resident said the Planning Board’s recommendations for taller building heights and faster phasing than what Planning Staff proposed was “suspicious.”

“I get that you were bitterly disappointed with respect to how they did their business,” Berliner said, “and would just say to you, now watch how we do our business.”

Video from MyMCMedia

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