Tips to stay warm at this year’s Inauguration

Four years ago, it was bitterly cold at President Barack Obama\'s first inauguration. (Pool/Getty Images News/Getty News)

Dick Uliano,

WASHINGTON – Inauguration planners predict President Barack Obama’s second inaugural ceremony crowd Jan. 21 will be smaller than his first in 2009.

And many people may be hoping it’s not as cold.

From the Capitol to the White House, well-wishers bundled up, stamped feet and rubbed gloved hands trying to keep warm when the temperature never rose above 30 degrees four years ago.

George Washington University Hospital reminds people that exposure to frigid temperatures can cause serious health problems. Those who will attend the ceremony this year are advised to plan ahead to prevent cold weather-related health problems.

The hospital recommends dressing in layers of loose-fitting clothing, including extra socks. Wool, silk or polypropylene inner layers will hold more heat than cotton. Hats are a must, and mittens are warmer than gloves.

It’s also important to wear warm and comfortable shoes for all the walking that may be required.

Stay hydrated with water, not alcohol or caffeinated beverages. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks can cause the body to lose heat more rapidly. Eating well-balanced meals will help you stay warmer.

The average January temperature in Washington is 36 degrees, according to the university.

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