Seinfeld’s Newman weighs in on the first lady’s bangs

Seinfeld\'s Wayne Knight and his wife Clare de Chenu walked the Creative Coalition Inaugural Ball\'s red carpet, where Knight said he digs First Lady Michelle Obama\'s bangs. (WTOP/Natalie Plumb)

Natalie Plumb, special to

WASHINGTON – Wayne Knight, known for his portrayal of Newman on Seinfeld, walked the red carpet with his wife Clare de Chenu at the Creative Coalition Inaugural Ball Monday night.

WTOP caught up with him to get his thoughts on the inaugural weekend.

WTOP: Were you impressed with President Obama’s first term in office?

Knight: “It was very difficult. I was impressed by the fact that the world was on fire, and he’ll put out the fire. Does that mean that the building has been rebuilt and that we’re all happy with where we are? No. But I don’t know if anybody could have accomplished that, so…I guess the answer’s yes.”

WTOP: Michelle Obama’s bangs. What do you think?

Knight: “You know, I’m here advocating for the arts for Creative Coalition. I saw a lot of art went into those bangs. The art of cutting hair is something we should foster and support.”

WTOP: And also the art of fashion?

Knight: “Yes! With the art of fashion…there are so many young girls who could be turned on in school if they were able to have a class that let them draw and get into fashion in that respect.”

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