Diehard Redskins fan proposes … with a jersey (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – It’s the ultimate proposal for any Redskins fan.

A Maryland man thought incorporating the team into the big question for his longtime girlfriend would be perfect.

Turns out, it was.

After planning the proposal for months, Travis Funkhouser of Montgomery County told Laura Begosh’s parents what he wanted to do, but he was worried they’d spill the beans before he got the chance. His idea: Get the words “Marry Me” printed on the back of a No. 1 jersey and present it to Begosh.

On New Year’s Day, Begosh opened the jersey and quickly realized what was going on as Funkhouser knelt before her holding a ring.

“I wanted to do something to combine my extreme love of the Redskins,” Funkhouser told ABC 7.

“This is the best season I can remember in a long, long time. We’re in the playoffs; we beat Dallas. What more can you ask for…except for a gorgeous ring…gorgeous girlfriend…,” Funkhouser said.

The two avid Skins fans planned to get married within a year.

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