Brushing your dog’s teeth is a necessity

WASHINGTON – Some may think brushing a dog’s teeth is overkill – but veterinarians and owners who’ve paid the price agree: it is absolutely necessary.

Veterinarian Barron Hall, who is also a board-certified dental and oral surgeon, recommends a thorough dental evaluation every year.

Small dogs and dogs under 15 pounds should be seen before their first birthday.

WTOP’s David Burd reports one of his friends didn’t think brushing their dog’s teeth was important – until they had to pay $3,000 to get them fixed. And with 42 teeth, it is easy to see why.

Additionally, vets should do more than just lift up lips to check teeth.

Barron advises that using an xray machine to get images below the gum line is essential.

For Dummies, the brand that launched in 1991 with “DOS for Dummies,” has a list on how to prepare dogs for brushing and what to do during cleaning. Check it out here.

WTOP’s David Burd contributed to this report.

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