What do people dread the most about the holidays?

Crowds at department stores, such as Macy\'s, can be annoying. (Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

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WASHINGTON – The holiday season is associated with cheer, family and, of course, stress.

In a nationally representative survey, Consumer Reports asked 1,100 adults about their most dreaded holiday events.

Women in particular feared gaining weight – 47 percent compared with 34 percent of men for an average of 41 percent.

But weight gain wasn’t at the top of the gripe list. It came in second. Crowds and long lines took the No. 1 slot. Aggressive, thoughtless drivers in parking lots came in third at 40 percent.

But, Consumer Reports says even with fears and annoyances, 64 percent said they liked the season and are in the spirit. They’d just like things to slow down.

Take a look at the full list:

  • Crowds, long lines: 58 percent
  • Weight gain: 41 percent
  • Aggressive, thoughtless driving in parking lots: 40 percent
  • Getting into debt: 30 percent
  • Gift shopping: 20 percent
  • Seasonal music: 14 percent
  • Disappointing gifts: 13 percent
  • Seeing certain relatives: 12 percent
  • Traveling: 10 percent
  • Having to attend holiday parties, gatherings or events: 9 percent
  • Having to be nice: 4 percent
  • Holiday tipping: 3 percent

Consumer Reports allowed those surveyed to offer more than one response, so the total exceeds 100 percent.

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