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Telecommuting benefits employers as well as employees

WASHINGTON – In a well-connected world, more and more people are skipping the office commute and opting to plug-in at home.

It is estimated that between 16 and 30 million Americans telecommute – at least some of the time.

According to Janet Bodnar, editor of Kiplinger Personal Finance, telecommuting is a situation that can benefit both the employee and the employer.

“You obviously have far fewer interruptions than you would at the office,” explains Bodnar. “As a result, your boss gets more work out of you.”

Working from home can also mean lower costs for employers and employees. With fewer people reporting to a physical office, employers require less space. Additionally, employees can bank thousands of dollars by telecommuting.

“You can save between $2,000 and $7,000 annually in transportation and other work- related costs,” says Bodnar.

However, telecommuting is not for everyone. Bodnar explains that working from home is best-suited for those who are proactive, self-starting and self-disciplined.

“You have to have really good time management skills,” she says.

When an employee discusses the option of telecommuting with a supervisor or boss, they should have a strategy mapped out to show how the transition will improve efficiency while lowering expenses.

“It can be a win-win situation,” says Bodnar.

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