Police ticket commuter lot parking violators

WASHINGTON – Virginia state and Prince William County police are ramping up ticketing efforts for parking violators at the Dumfries Road commuter parking lot.

The enforcement, which will begin on Monday, Dec. 10, is in response to recent complaints of vehicles blocking travel lanes and pedestrian crosswalks.

“People are parking in the cross walks, on the sidewalks, in the median,” says one commuter who has parked at the lot for 10 years. “In the middle of what should be a road to drive on, there are cars parked there.”

For the last two weeks, drivers have received warnings for parking illegally in the lot at the intersection of Route 234 and Route 1 in Dumfries, which holds 800 vehicles.

“We will be out in force and we will be ticketing,” says Deborah Cox from the Virginia State Police.

Illegally parked vehicles are defined as the following:

  • Vehicles parked in areas posted or marked with “No Parking” signage.
  • Vehicles parked illegally in a travel lane that obstructs traffic.

These vehicles will be ticketed and towed from the lot at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Additional commuter parking space is available at other lots in Prince William County. Visit the Virginia Department of Transportation’s website to learn more.

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