National Cathedral sermon rallies behind gun control

Andrew Mollenbeck, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – Calling the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School “the last straw,” Rev. Canon Gary Hall used his sermon Sunday to appeal to the faith community to rally behind gun control efforts.

“Enough is enough,” said Hall, the National Cathedral dean. “Today we grieve, but soon we act.”

He exhorted all faith groups to serve as a counterweight to the gun lobby and to help take assault weapons off the streets.

“The entire American faith community can no longer tolerate this persistent and escalating gun violence against our people,” he said.

Hall reminded the congregation of numerous, high-profile shootings and the subsequent missed opportunities to push lawmakers toward stronger gun laws.

He said Christians should be especially sensitive to the killing of innocent people, referring to Jesus’ death.

“The best way for us to mourn the Sandy Hook shooting is to mobilize the faith community for gun control,” Hall said at the apex of his sermon.

The normally-subdued congregation stood to its feet in applause.

Hall pledged his and the community’s help in crafting and taking the action of stronger gun control.

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