Eat your way to smelling great

WASHINGTON – It’s a new kind of perfume, that you can eat.

Deo Perfume Candy has developed a snack that, when eaten, can secrete a “lingering rose scent” through the pores of a 145 pound adult for up to 6 hours.

The Guardian reports the makers of the candy say it’s perfectly safe and works the same way as garlic. Both have compounds that can’t be broken down by the body so they’re secreted through the skin.

It is not a new concept. A Japanese company launched a chewing gum perfume a few years ago called, “man scent” that has since been discontinued.

In August, Deo Perfume Candy became available for purchase online. Some European countries already have the treat in stores and the U.S. and UK are next in line.

Not ironically, the U.S. candy should be in stores by Valentine’s Day, the report says.

Check out this press release from the manufacturer for more information.

WTOP’s David Burd contributed to this report.

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