Election Results: No Surprises So Far in Arlington

(Updated at 9:00 p.m.) Results from more than half of Arlington’s voting precincts suggest there will be no surprises when the final vote totals are tallied.

Despite a criminal investigation involving his son and former campaign field director, Democratic Rep. Jim Moran will defeat repeat Republican challenger Patrick Murray. Moran currently has 60 percent of the vote in Arlington to Murray’s 33 percent.

Independent Jason Howell is in third place in the Eighth District congressional race, with 5 percent of the Arlington vote, while Independent Green hopeful Janet Murphy has 2 percent.

In addition to Arlington, the congressional race includes precincts in Alexandria and Fairfax County, where similar results are being reported.

Democratic Arlington County Board incumbent Libby Garvey is easily besting Republican Matt Wavro and Green Party candidate Audrey Clement. Garvey has 57 percent of the vote, while Wavro has 29 percent and Clement has 12 percent.

Voters are so far saying yes to all four Democrat-supported bond referenda. Three — the Metro, schools and community infrastructure bonds — are blowouts, with 70 to 80 percent of voters saying yes. The results are a bit tighter — about 60 percent in favor to 40 percent against — for a parks bond that contains funding for a proposed $79 million Long Bridge Park aquatics and fitness center. The center has drawn criticism for its high price tag.

Statewide and national races are also going well for Arlington Democrats. President Obama (D) and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine (D) are defeating their Republican opponents in the county. With 62 percent of Arlington precincts reporting, Kaine has 62 percent of the vote to 38 percent for Republican George Allen. President Obama has 65 percent of the vote to 34 percent for Republican Mitt Romney in Arlington.

The closest electoral contest in Arlington so far seems to be one of the two proposed amendments to the Virginia constitution. Early results seem to be giving an edge — 57 percent to 43 percent — to those in favor of amending the constitution to make it more difficult for local governments to seize private land through the use of eminent domain.

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