Brazilian pet motel provides love nests for dogs

Animalle Mundo Pet in Brazil offers pet owners a romantic place for their pets to mate. (Courtesy Animalle Mundo)

WASHINGTON – Love motels are fairly popular in Brazil for short-stay trysts, and now a new spin on the concept has been introduced: Love motels for dogs.

One of the many services by Animalle Mundo Pet, one of Brazil’s newest establishments for pet luxury, is veterinary-assisted reproduction. Dog owners can spend $50 for an individual mating session arranged by employees. If that session doesn’t result in little puppies, the store also provides artificial insemination, reports The New York Times.

But this takes place on just one of Animalle Mundo Pet’s eight floors.

The building is a former children’s hospital in Belo Horizonte, north of Rio de Janeiro. Each floor is like a different department. Dogs claim the first floor, but cats have their own domain, as do birds, fish and rodents.

One floor is for outdoor recreation, and houses a pet photography studio. Another is dedicated to pet health, including veterinary clinics, exercises, and assisted reproduction.

The latter has drawn the most attention, internationally.

Pet populations are on the steady increase in Brazil, countering the decreasing human birth rates. Families have gotten smaller, and the average number of residents per household fell from 3.8 in 2000 to 3.3 percent in 2010, according to the most recent census report.

This has left more time and money for Brazilians to spend on their pets. Animalle Mundo Pet’s $40 bottle of pet perfume is a perfect example.

The new establishment, only a few months old, has attracted customers who want luxury for their four-legged friends.

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