‘App economy’ isn’t slowing down

WASHINGTON – In a tough job market there is a bright spot. Half a million jobs have been created since 2007 in the so-called “app economy” – the world of mobile device applications.

The jobs are going to programmers, designers, marketers and support staff, reports McClatchy News Service. Better still, salaries for app developers are expected to rise about 9 percent in 2013.

A survey by the staffing firm Robert Half says app developers will be making $92,750 to $133,500 a year next year.

An estimated one million apps have been created for iPhones, iPads and Androids. Around the world, the consumer appetite for apps seems to be insatiable. McClatchy reports that last year more than 20 percent of the apps downloaded in China were made in the U.S.

Some experts believe the industry could even make a dent in the federal trade deficit.

A study by TechNet found California has the most “app economy” jobs of any state. But New York tops the list as far as metro areas are concerned. The Washington- Arlington-Alexandria area ranked sixth.

Experts don’t predict a slowdown, but the industry is worried the supply of workers with the requisite skills won’t keep up with demand and is urging a retooling of education programs.

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