New grading system for grades K through 3 in Mont. Co.

Kristi King,

WASHINGTON – There will be no more straight A’s for some smart kids in Montgomery County, and there won’t be any F’s either.

A new report card grading system is coming for children in kindergarten through third grades that eliminates traditional grades, such as “A” “B” “C” and “D.”

Educators say the new “Curriculum 2.0″ grading system is a more comprehensive way to evaluate understanding of subject matter.

Now, rankings will include evaluations such as “ES” for exceptional, the highest ranking. Or “P” for demonstrating proficiency, or “I” for in progress.

For students who aren’t doing well, parents will see a grade “N.”

A county administrator tells The Washington Post the new evaluation system will correspond with a shift in the way children are graded.

On a ten question test, for example, missing one question would earn an “A” grade. However, if that question demonstrates basic understanding needed to master the wider subject, it could bounce a grade down to P for demonstrating proficiency.

Some parents tell The Post the new system makes it more difficult to understand how their children are doing in class. The MCPS website has a five-minute tutorial on “Curriculum 2.0″ here.

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