Let your phone dress you: Smart socks that match themselves

The smart socks let the owner sort them, match them and check how many times they\'ve been washed. (Courtesy BlackSocks.com)

WASHINGTON – There’s new hope for men who have trouble matching their socks.

Swiss company Black Socks have produced a product called Plus socks for those of us who can’t tell blue from black socks.

It works like this: The mismatcher buys the Plus socks kit containing ten pairs of socks and a digital reader. The reader connects wirelessly to the owners blue tooth on their phone. An app on the phone can then tell them exactly which socks match.

Beyond matching the pair to wear, the app can also tell the owner how many times each sock has been washed. It can also tell, using the “blackometer,” exactly how black the socks really are and if new pairs need to be purchased.

The kit costs $120 on Black Socks’ website.

WTOP’s David Burd contributed to this report.

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