In the past, a UFO was planned for the future

Flying saucers are for movies and conspiracy theories.

WASHINGTON – Flying saucers are for movies and conspiracy theories.

At least, that’s been a popular conception. But the recent unveiling of once classified documents from the U.S. Air Force show an attempt was once made.

The Lost in Space-esque flying saucer was called Project 1794, and it was designed to travel at Mach 3 or 4 speeds at an altitude of close to 100,000 feet.

Four recently declassified boxes pertaining to the 1956 project are housed at the National Archives and a few images of the saucer have been digitized.

Project 1794 was a joint venture between the USAF And Avro Canada, but sixty years later, it appears the project failed: Nothing in the sky looks like it.

But, it’s worth noting: It bears a striking resemblance to Jupiter One.

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