Become a better smartphone photographer

WASHINGTON – Smartphones are so advanced these days they can turn anyone into a photographer. Here are some helpful tips to snapping better shots.

All Things Digital says to start with the basics. Make sure the lens is clean, and experiment with the settings. Check out what adjusting exposure, ISO and white balance does for the image.

LED flashes can be harsh, so placing a piece of tissue paper over it may avoid the problem.

One area where smartphones can’t compete: zoom. With conventional cameras, the lens moves to get close to a subject, but smartphones use digital zoom. That methods simply enlarges an image, which degrades the quality.

Another trick to a great photo is keeping camera set to the highest size or resolution for a better quality picture. Also, keep arms close to the body and hold the phone with both hands.

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WTOP’s Jeanne Meserve contributed to this report.

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