Bad lip-reading puts hilarious spin on presidential debate (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – Let’s face it: Politicians don’t always make sense.

Between talk about tax cuts, entitlements and who gets what kind of health care, all the rhetoric can come out as a sophisticated form of gobbledygook. (Ex.: “Cap and trade” does not relate to sports-related roster moves or the “busting” of anything.)

Still, the person behind a series of Bad Lip Reading online comedy creations has elevated the nonsense to another level, with a (some might say “genius”) take on last week’s presidential debate.

The Bad Lip Reader – an anonymous Texas man, according to the Los Angeles Times – dubbed sound bytes over the lip movements of President Barack Obama, former Gov. Mitt Romney and moderator Jim Lehrer. As a result, what exactly the candidates said becomes much more unclear, yet a whole lot funnier.

Samples taken from the pseudo-sparring include Obama saying he sees “a purple idiot who speaks German with a big, spunky Irish Labradoodle puppy.”

Romney’s retort: “Come on, I’m not a robot, OK? I wish. Then I could go higher and you could rotate my arm and send me whooshing into space. Can you hear me?”

Then there’s Lehrer, who discusses “sofa bears” and a stuffed water buffalo before launching into a bizarre song called “Eye of the Sparrow.”

Check out the full video below:

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