Arlington County considers green taxi cabs

New York City has already put the Nissan Leaf taxis on the road. (Courtesy

WASHINGTON- Arlington County residents could see more cabs on the roads. If a new initiative is approved, not only will there be more cabs in Arlington but they’ll be environmentally friendly.

The number of cabs allowed to operate in the county will expand by 65. And 40 of them will run on nothing but electricity.

A new company called EV Taxicab plans to use Nissan Leaf cars equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots and iPads for passengers, so they can surf the internet while in route to their destination.

The cabs can also be booked straight from a smartphone. Before the plan is finalized, a public hearing will be held in November.

Autoguide reports that the Nissan Leaf taxis are already on the streets in New York City.

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