Wedding bells are going to chime for Nats players

Ryan Zimmerman plans to get married in the off-season, along with six other Nats\' players. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Andrew Mollenbeck,

WASHINGTON – For the Nationals, it’s the post-season and then wedding season.

The 2012 club has compiled some impressive numbers, but here’s one that doesn’t make it into the box score: seven players plan to get married in the off-season.

The list of grooms would nearly fill a lineup card and, incredibly, makes up more than one-fourth of the roster.

Michael Morse, Ross Detwiler, Craig Stammen, Jordan Zimmermann, Ryan Zimmerman, Edwin Jackson and Corey Brown all plan to say “I do” once the playoff run comes to an end, The Washington Post reports.

Dropping to a knee is apparently contagious (or aided by peer pressure).

“Somebody gets engaged and then the next person’s got to do it,” Morse tells the Post.

Zimmerman notes that it will make for a “busy offseason.”

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