Phelps celebrates retirement with Vegas romp (VIDEO)

Phelps seems to enjoy his newfound duties at the pool. (Photo courtesy NDN/ET)

WASHINGTON – The Olympics’ most notorious party boy has finally been unleashed.

Swimming phenom Michael Phelps set up shop in Las Vegas recently to formally celebrate his official retirement from swimming.

ET footage shows the 18-time gold medalist at Encore Casion Resort in Las Vegas, in the DJ booths at a makeshift beach and later at a night club.

The heat might be off The Baltimore Bullet, who made headlines as a 19-year-old in 2004 for a drunken-driving arrest, and in 2009 for pictures that showed him apparently smoking marijuana. He apologized and accepted the penalties for each, including a 3-month suspension for the latter.

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Phelps began the first day of the rest of his life earlier in August, after signing retirement papers that removed him from the list of athletes who must undergo regular doping tests, according to The Associated Press.

Like many retirees before him, he plans to work on his golf game “the proper way, not just going out there taking a couple of hacks at a little white ball.”

Check out this footage of Phelps ashore:

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