‘Mythbusters’ investigates if Jack had to die in ‘Titanic’

\'Titanic\' director James Cameron says the raft would have sunk if Jack climbed on with Rose.

WASHINGTON – “Titanic” fans say Jack did not need to die, but the movie’s writer, director and producer James Cameron says he did.

Fifteen years after the award-winning film hit theaters, fans are still convinced there was enough room on the raft to fit the couple.

“It’s not a question of room, it’s a question of buoyancy,” Cameron says in a video interview. “Jack puts Rose on the raft, and then he tries to get on the raft and the raft sinks.”

Cameron points out it was clear there was only room for one person. While many feel Rose just needed to move over, Cameron says the choice was Jack’s.

Internet posts scrutinizing the size of the raft show ample room for two people, but Cameron insists they would both drown.

Not convinced?

Cameron will team up with Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” this season to answer the raft question.

Watch the “Titanic” scene below:

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