Millennials fail to dress properly for interviews (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – If you’re looking for a job in today’s market, you’d better dress up for that job interview.

Millennials — people born between 1981 and 2000 — fail to wear appropriate interview attire, according to 75 percent of hiring managers surveyed by Switzerland human resources consulting company Adecco.

Sixty percent of the 501 hiring managers surveyed said millennials failed to show interest in the job by not asking questions about the position or business.

The managers also said they were three times more likely to hire a “mature worker,” defined as a person age 50 or older, compared to a millennial, Forbes reports.

Here are more results from the survey of hiring managers and what they think of millennials:


  • 70 percent said millennials post inappropriate content online.
  • 22 percent said millennials are good listeners.
  • 23 percent said millennials are strong leaders.
  • 5 percent said they think millennials are “professional.”


  • 74 percent said millennials are creative.
  • 73 percent said millennials are good at networking.
  • 5 percent said millennials need to develop better technological skills.

Does it matter what people wear? Millenials and hiring managers talk about it with The Huffington Post.

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