Md. law gives buyers more information on store-bought puppies

Maryland pet stores will be required to post information about their dogs for sale starting Monday. (ThinkStock)

WASHINGTON – Maryland dog buyers who want to know where their puppy come from before pet stores put it on display will soon have access to that information.

A new law that goes into effect Monday requires pet stores to post information about their dogs for sale. Under the law, records on dogs and puppies also have to be maintained for at least one year after the sale of the pet.

Tami Santelli, the Maryland director for the Humane Society of the United States, says the law will give consumers recourse should the dog get sick. It also provides buyers with information on the breeder and whether the dog came from a puppy mill.

Dogs sold in pet stores are likely from puppy mills, Santelli says.

“Responsible breeders don’t sell their puppies at pet stores because they want to know who’s going to buy them,” she says. “They want to check that person out.”

Pet stores often say their dogs are supplied by caring, responsible breeders. They also guarantee their dogs for sale are healthy.

Santelli says the new law gives consumers the chance to see for themselves.

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